Saritha and Naveen

A house becomes a home when it tells stories of the people that reside there. The home of the Chaniyaras family brings back memories of a wonderful, fulfilling experience. Saritha and Naveen, the young, energetic couple were on the look-out for an interior designer who understood what they wanted for their flat- a home that was warm and cozy yet vibrant at the same time.

We had the wonderful task of designing a home with a warm personality and strong love for Indian art & culture; just like the people who live there! As you enter the home, it welcomes you with an artistic appeal. A walk through the various rooms gives you the warmth of a cozy space and the elegance of a contemporary Indian theme.

The ceilings have given a character to each room with deep recessed lighting to create the perfect nostalgia with added aesthetics. The living room highlights the customized options created for the family’s lifestyle. In keeping with the contemporary Indian look, an earthy colour palette has been maintained.