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A false ceiling, as the name suggests, is an echo of the actual ceiling without any structural prominence to it. It is also called a drop ceiling, suspended ceiling or grid ceiling, T-bar ceiling. It has become a must to showcase your taste and its sophistication.

It dictates the overall look and feel of your house. So, a bad choice will not only diminish the style quotient of your house but also reduces the look that you tried to get with all other furnishings and décor.

Design Overview:

Gradually the prominence, projection and the properties of the false ceilings have been increasing in all aspects. New trends demand False Ceiling Designers for the new material usage in the false ceiling like fabric, wood, aluminum, steel along with POP or Gypsum or any other textured material and hence the look and feel are enhanced to the next level.

Types of False Ceiling:

Gypsum Ceiling:

Gypsum is a hydrated sulfate of calcium. Ceilings made of this gypsum are usually sound insulated, fire and thermal resistant. An Iron framework is employed to hold these boards together and coated with laminates or paints that suit the tone of the house.

Plaster of Paris Ceiling:

Plaster Of Paris is nothing but the heated version of Gypsum boards. These are majorly used materials in the making of false ceilings. POP ceilings are comparatively more attractive and durable than the Gypsum boards.

Fiber Ceiling:

Fiber Ceiling is the buzzword nowadays in the construction world among the people as they are low in cost and easy to install. Fiber panels made of synthetic minerals are available in various shapes which renders the easy installation.

Wooden Ceiling:

Wooden Ceilings are expensive yet elegant because of the texture and traditional look it brings to the entire house. Various finishes and paints can be given to alter the look according to the requirement.

Glass Ceiling:

The glass ceiling is mostly used in the commercial interior spaces. It gives the aesthetic appearance second to none.

Metal Ceiling:

Metal, especially galvanized Iron and aluminum are extensively used as ceiling materials. The cost of the installation is low and the ease of installation and detachment is added advantage.

Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling:

Both leather and cloth can be given any form, shape, and design. Hence the aesthetic appeal of the ceilings made of leather of cloth will be indispensably pleasant.

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio:

We specialize in false ceiling installation by creating innovative and unique designs that perfectly match the indoor setting. Schedule an appointment with Cutting Edge Design Studio, one of the best false ceiling designers in Hyderabad. 

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