Interior Decoration of Dining Room

Your dining room is the most multi-functional space in your home. It is where you enjoy meals together as a family, entertain and sometimes even work. Being one of the best Dining room interior designers in Hyderabad, we put careful thought behind the design as to how to use the space and what it is we want to achieve with the area.

Good designs show impeccable harmony with space and placement. Everything just falls into place; right from the ceiling to the flooring. To make this happen, we pay close attention to the space available, the size of the room, the different tastes of various members of your family and your budget as well.

Design Overview: 

Dining Room is a personal space for the whole family hence it demands the personalization that it deserves. So, the design should be meticulous and well thought. It should be spacious, elegant, functional and welcoming.

Types of Dining Room:

In addition to shape, price, size and material, one of the main considerations when choosing a dining room set is style. And with all of the options out there, it can be hard to narrow them down. But the most common types of dining room sets are contemporarytraditional and minimalist.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary Dining rooms are versatile and modern enough to involve international designs. The abundance in the availability of options will make it hard to pick the apt combination for your house. Thus an expert consultation will help you in making your contemporary dining room. 
  • Traditional: Traditional Dining Rooms consists of the elements that are antique in look and usually consists of Shabby Chic furnishings. This look will never get old and the people who like to add the pinch of nostalgia and memories to their house will always look for a traditional dining room. 
  • Minimalist: As the name suggests, Minimalist Dining Rooms will have a neutral look and optimum amount of furnishing to the best of the functionality. There is a thin line between minimum and optimum. So, this type will come more towards the minimum in terms of the furniture and optimum in terms of functionality. 

Design Elements:

Every interior designer for dining room will consider the following elements while designing the Dining Rooms and utmost care should be given while executing the design. 

  • Furniture: Rigid, sturdy and light furniture will go along with Contemporary Dining room. The traditional Dining room requires that vintage look and hence the antique-looking and farmhouse-inspired furniture, whereas the minimalist Dining room usually consists of glass tops and modern bases.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is optional for dining rooms and artificial lighting will suffice the required flux for eating and conversing. Proper positioning of the light sources is important as we usually have the options to employ low ceiling flush mounts, semi-flush ceiling lights or the regular LEDs.
  • Color: Depending on the style of the dining, it can be vibrant, rustic and muted. A contemporary and minimalist style of the dining room will go with muted colors like sky blue, grey, etc. Whereas traditional dining room needs the dark and solid colors like brown.

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio:

A dining room is as integral as any other room in the house and it should complement your house overall. We at Cutting Edge Design Studio, pay attention to every detail and element of your dining room and make it a well-defined and cohesive space. Schedule an appointment with Cutting Edge Design Studio and get customized services from one of the best interior dining room designers in Hyderabad. 

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