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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Even though a lot of people won’t see it as compared to your living room or kitchen, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be equally stylish. Whether you’ve dreamt of a traditional design or an exotic retreat while creating the bedroom of your dreams we, Home interior designers, make sure it is the perfect amalgamation of color, soft furnishings, textures, flooring, furniture, etc.

Design Overview

A bedroom should always be welcoming and give a cozy and comfortable experience. Designing a bedroom demands many crucial factors to be addressed like the shape of the space available, furnishing needed, number of people, etc.,

Types of Bedroom:

 Based on the size, shape, and functionality, bedrooms can be categorized as the following. 

  • Master Bedroom: Master Bedroom is the essential space for everybody as it is the space of solace. It is usually bigger with an attached bathroom. We use superior quality décor and furnishing that suits your style and choice, be it traditional or contemporary.  
  • Children Bedroom: It should always be designed with the utmost care and attention to every detail because the functionality of a children’s bedroom is vast. It is not only a place to sleep but also a place to nurture their interests like games, drawing, etc, depending on their age. Proper ventilation and natural light should be associated with the design. It is comparatively smaller in size and the attached bathroom is optional.   
  • Guest Room: Guest Room is for family, friends, and visitors. The size of the Guest room is usually small and with less furnishing but equal prominence will be given in terms of the color pattern and design.
  • Additionally, based on style, it can be categorized into Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Traditional, Farmhouse style, Shabby Chic, etc.

Design Elements: 

  • Space organizing: According to Vastu Shastra and other logical reasons, your bed should always face the bedroom door. This is just an example when it comes to space organizing. Similarly, all the furniture and the fixtures should be placed according to the functionality.
  • Lighting: Letting the Sunlight in will give the required brightness and tone to your bedroom. Mornings will be brighter and the evenings will be warmer and you will get the required Vitamin-D too. Along with that, artificial lighting sources like LED and sconces will illuminate your bedroom the intensity that you require.
  • Color pattern: Depending on your choice and style, Interior Designers for bedroom will suggest the colors that can be gentle, vibrant and mellow. That color should go along with the pattern that you followed with the living room and others. Even, textured wallpapers can be used to elevate the color pattern of your bedroom.

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio:

 We keep in mind your family dynamics and the requirements and come up with superior designs which are functional, elegant and classy. We ensure elements like natural light, artificial light pattern, colors, texture and many more. The furniture and fixture will be taken care of with immense expertise. Our bedroom designers will work by keeping the diverse requirements of customers in mind. That sense of personalization made us one of the best Home interior designers in Hyderabad

Go through our bedroom designs in our portfolio and you can see how some well-placed art, wallpaper or even a fresh coat of paint can make a bedroom stand out.

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