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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a stage where you perform the art of cooking. It needs to make you look and feel great as well comfortable while being 100% functional and easy to keep spotless. That is where the role of Kitchen Interior Designers becomes prominent. This makes it crucial that a lot of thought goes into planning a design or re-modeling a kitchen.

Design Overview: 

Kitchen is the most happening place in every home and it requires more than just a design. It should suit the requirements and the taste of the whole family. A plethora of styles, color combinations are available to choose from. That makes it essential to pay attention to every segment of the design.

Types of kitchen:

  • Shaker Kitchens: Shaker Kitchens are the perfect blend of traditional grace and contemporary sophistication. It gives the ever-popular natural look and the required feel to your kitchen without losing on the modern flavor.
  • Modular Kitchens: Modular kitchen interior designers usually opt for minimalist designs in both look and feel. Optimal aesthetics and proper functionality are the design advantages here by conserving more space than usual. A wide range of material and design options are available in the market. This will give the sleek and stylish minimal look to your kitchen. 
  • Handleless Kitchens:If you are looking for the contemporary kitchen designs with uncluttered experience, get the Handleless Kitchen design. The stylish yet simplistic look is the game-changer here.  

Based on the layout of your kitchen space, it can also be classified as Galley, Island, L Shape, U Shape, G Shape kitchens.

Design Elements: 

Kitchen is about the right elements. A well-designed kitchen will have 

  • Kitchen Cabinets: A kitchen cabinet will dictate the look of your kitchen. There are various types of kitchen cabinets available and each of the types will go with specific colors and shades. An apt color pattern will give a calming and opulent feel to your kitchen.
  • Plumbing Fixtures: If a plumbing fixture goes against the color pattern or the style of your kitchen, it will mitigate the look and feel of the kitchen. A consistent tone is required to elevate the ambiance. For example, a steel tap and sink combination will match with a granite worktop.
  • Design Details: Excellence lies in the details. Tile color, shape; cabinet type and handles; chimney position, etc., will add a great feel to the kitchen and take your design to the next level. So, extra care is required in the selection of fixtures and their components. 

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio: 

Cutting Edge Design Studio is one of the best Kitchen Interior Designers in Hyderabad.  We provide customized kitchen solutions for our customers with services ranging from choosing floor tiles to hardware finishes. We compile everything we know about designing/renovating your kitchen to make it a contemporary kitchen that blends style and function for a space that is cutting-edge yet inviting.

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