TV Unit Interior Designers

Modern TV stand assortment offers a lot of different options when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Some units are thin and space-conscious while others occupy entire walls providing plenty of storage space.

Design Overview:

A TV unit can be your focal point in your living room. It’s more than just furniture to hold your television. Hence the details and intricacies behind it should be well designed and thought out by the TV Unit interior designers.

Types of TV Unit:

  • Platform TV Stand: Platform TV stand is the most minimalistic option that you can get in terms of style. There will only be a platform on which TV can be put and there will be the provision of additional drawers in that platform. This is mostly used in the minimalist living rooms and gives the required sleek look. 
  • Corner TV Stand: When there are space restraints and TV unit style can be compromised, corner TV stands are chosen. Usually one can find them in small apartments and bedrooms. Usually, a corner TV Stand cannot be the focal point and hence the prominence of the TV Stand will get considerably reduced. 
  • TV Wall Mount: Wall Mount TV units will not take any floor space as they are mounted directly on the wall according to your eye level. Most of the recent TVs are coming with wall mounts included.  It is used both in minimalist living rooms and contemporary living rooms.  
  • Cantilever Stand: Cantilever TV stand is functionally similar to the Wall mount but the only difference is, it is clamped to the TV Unit, not to the wall. Hence it takes the floor space. It comes with the style, ease of set up and the dynamic functionality. It gives the floating appeal to your TV.
  • Hideaway stand: These are also called as Pop-Up TV stands. These expensive TV units are perfect for houses with children and pets, to protect the Television. These also add luxury quotient to your living room. With a touch of button you can hide your television when not in use. 

Design Elements:

  • Space: Space plays a major role in choosing the type of TV unit that one can fit in their living room. The size of the TV is also a factor to choose the exact style and size of the TV unit. 
  • Platform: Platform is an optional element of a TV unit. For TV units like wall mounts, there is no need for platforms. When required, choosing a platform that is functional and elegant is essential as it will be the focal point of the living room.
  • Storage: Based on the requirement of additional storage for decorating items, speakers, Blu-ray players, etc, the design of the TV unit will change.


Why Cutting Edge Design Studio:

Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows. This is where we blend your choice with our expertise. Contact Cutting Edge Design Studio, one of the best TV cupboard designers in Hyderabad, for customized and efficient TV units.

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