Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Your wardrobe is not just a hidden space for your old clothes to be buried. Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years to become a more user-friendly, stylish and great way to display your taste for design. Open up one of our wardrobes and you’ll see that the design continues with a choice of interior systems.

Design Overview: 

Tailored design with meticulously thought out storage spaces is a must for any wardrobe designs for bedrooms to meet the requirements as well as to attain that uncluttered look. The main idea here is to store everything out of sight without spoiling the look of your bedroom. 

Types of Wardrobes:

  • Sliding Wardrobes: The major advantage of the sliding doors is that they will not take any space to open. It will give the modern and stylistic look to your wardrobe and maximizes your space at the same time. Create more space inside while saving the space outside. It gives the contemporary look to your bedroom interior design
  • Swing Wardrobes: Swing Door Wardrobes works best for spacious bedrooms with enough room to open and close the doors. This style is the perfect blend of traditional swing and modern look. It visually expands the otherwise spacious room and adds the natural look with the wooden grain color variations. 
  • Open Wardrobes: Open Wardrobes are easy to access storage solutions for simple yet elegant designs. It includes the most sought after style, “Walk-In wardrobes”. When the conventional doors, knobs and handles bore you, go for this Open or Walk-In style and change the perception of the interiors. 
  • Corner Wardrobes: When there is a space restraint for a widespread wardrobe, go for the corner wardrobes. Usually, corner wardrobes are customized according to your bedroom layout and hence the asymmetrical look. So, consult a wardrobe designer for better solutions as the asymmetry might disturb the coherent look of your room. 

Design Elements:

  • Inventory Check: Decide on the size that you require to fit all your clothes and apparel and based on that calculate the space required for hanging, shelving, etc. That will assist you in finding the suitable style and size of the wardrobe. If you are buying the wardrobe for 2 people, a symmetric wardrobe with equally divided spaces will help.
  • Pick the style: Decide on the style of the wardrobe based on the overall style and the tone of your house. Many styles are available to choose from, including modern walk-ins to classic swing wardrobes. Wardrobe is one of the biggest furniture in your bedroom. Hence don’t miss the chance to make your fashion statement and expression of your personality. 
  • Size and spaceDecide on the amount of inside space that you are going to require for long hang section, drawers and shelves This allows the Wardrobe Designers to effectively organize the spaces for your closet. Same approach applies for the size as well. Based on the space available for the wardrobe, select your style. For example, sliding wardrobes are suitable for small rooms and walk-in wardrobes are suitable for extra spacious rooms. 

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio: 

 All our doors and drawers come with soft-close as standard. Our solutions offer flexible storage to suit your individual needs. We work with you to understand your needs and build you a wardrobe that fits you and your home. This detailed approach rendered us as one of the best wardrobe designers in Hyderabad.


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