Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas in Indian

Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas in Indian Apartments

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Kitchens can make or break the beauty of the house. For this reason, when it comes to interior designing, the first priority is given to the kitchen decoration. People always look for small kitchen interior design ideas in Indian apartments that will transform the look of the house.

In order to get the best outcome, you need to hire a residential interior designer in Hyderabad. They are seasoned professionals and will be able to give you the best of ideas when it comes to revamping your kitchen. 

Transforming your kitchen into a modular one can be a challenging task, especially when the size of the kitchen is small. A small kitchen requires more planning because you need to utilize each and every inch of the place. Therefore, to make your work easier, we have compiled a few small modular kitchen ideas that will make your kitchen look bigger as well as it will provide you better utility. 

Small kitchen interior design ideas in Indian apartments

Corner Sinks

Corners are a complete waster, as you cannot utilize corners to that extent especially in your kitchen. But now there are ways in which you can utilize the corners efficiently. Opt for a corner sink and this saves you a lot of space. Corner sinks are placed on the corners of the counter top. This will provide you more space for cutting vegetables or similar errands.  

Corner drawers

If you are looking for Small kitchen interior design ideas in Indian apartments, then corner drawers or racks should be included in your modular kitchen design. These drawers come with an axle and spiral racks in order to fit in the corner. So instead of wasting any corner, use these drawers to store items. 

Overhead racks

Make sure your entire wall is covered with overhead racks. These racks are very handy as they provide ample space to store your kitchenware. Also, add a netted rack on top of the sink, as this will act as a drying place for your washed dishes. 

Wall mount for micro oven

Micro oven or OTG takes up a lot of space and should be avoided being placed on the counter top. Instead, opt for a wall mount rack for the micro oven and this will save a lot of your counter top space. 

Pan Hangers

Pans tend to take a lot of space in racks due to their extended handle. To smartly fit everything in your small kitchen, use pan hangers, to hang your pans on the wall.  

Make it look Bigger

Small kitchens look very gloomy and stuff due to all the appliances and furniture in it. You can opt for light colors in order to make your kitchen look bigger. Also, as suggested by apartment interior designers in Hyderabad, add bright lights, as this will also make the place look bigger. 

These are a few of the tips which you can use while revamping your small kitchen. Always remember to use each and every inch of your kitchen to improve the utility of it. Also, choose light furniture and wall colors to make your kitchen look bigger.