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5 Different Types of Interior Designs

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Are you planning to decorate or redecorate your home or office space? Do you need a little help in deciding what to choose? If such is the case then relying upon the services of some of the best Interior Designers in Hyderabad can fulfill this objective. Of course, you want the design of your commercial and residential space to match your personality. Here are 5 different types of interior designs that you must take into consideration.

different types of interior designs



  • Nautical Interior Designing Style


If you are a beach person who prefers a warm and relaxing environment, the Nautical interior designing style might be perfect for you. The design comprises of cottage or coastal style décor. The color themes used are mostly white and have a touch of blue if required. Going with the coastal theme, ornamental pieces such as seashells, sailboats, navigation maps, etc. can be used. Sometimes, the look of unfinished wood is used to make the interior more natural. Considering the different types of interior designs that are present in the market, the Nautical interior style is dominating the game and is an in trend option.

traditional interior designs


  • Traditional Interior Designing Style


If you want to go old school, try this design. Traditional interior design is all about maintaining an old and classical style. Sober colors, wood paneling, and wooden furniture are used to keep it classy. Antique ornaments are also a major element in this type of interior design. Seeking assistance from the Best Interior Designers in Hyderabad can help you to install this elegant design.

Modern interior design styles


  • Modern Interior Designing Style


If you are looking for something sophisticated and unique, consider this option. Modern style interior design aims to maintain simple, smooth, and beautiful aesthetics. It employs bold color contrasts, smooth surfaces (mostly wood, glass, and steel), geometric patterns and sometimes asymmetric designs made on purpose. Open floor plans and plain area rugs are sometimes used to give the space an artistic look.

industrial interior design style



  • Industrial Interior Designing Style


Among various different types of interior designs, this module is popularly incorporated in the commercial sectors. Industrial Interior Design doesn’t need to be sophisticated or appealing. There is a certain rawness to the design and it doesn’t necessarily look complete. It makes the use of exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and metal units. Adding some kind of abstract art to the décor can also make it more interesting.

electrical interior design style


  • Eclectic Interior Designing Style


If sober and plain is not your cup of tea and flamboyance is what you are looking for then you should go for this one. Eclectic interior design is used to maintain a high energy environment, and it is quite popular among youngsters. The module also fulfills the need for interior design for commercial spaces. It uses bold colors and textures instead of somber patterns. It also provides complete freedom to be creative and make your space as quirky and fun as you want. There can also be experiments by fusing old and new styles.


These are some of the most popular interior designs for you to choose from. So make sure you choose the right décor that suits your personality and makes you happy to be in.