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Whether you’ve just come home after a tiring day or it’s the weekend and you are staying at home, your Living Room is where you relax and rejuvenate. Elegant living rooms display beautiful designs without appearing too bright and flashy. It is harder than it seems.

Living room Designers create a cozy and relaxing ambience which comes from picking the right furniture and focusing on the finer details such as canvas on the wall, lamps or placing plants to offset the living room.

Types of Living Room:

There are more than a dozen styles or types of Living rooms and it is difficult to choose the specific one to match your requirements. Here are a few styles to give you an idea of basic styles.


A modern living room will utilize the space to the fullest of its functionality. Even the furniture will follow a distinct pattern with a glossy look. Futuristic décor like abstract paintings, lamps and complementing ceilings can be included for the best look.


The minimalist living room is designed such that the furniture and its maintenance requirement are minimal without compromising the overall look and feel.


As the name suggests, an Eclectic Living Room will give the free-spirited vibe to your house. The mix and match of the color patterns, textures, and fabric of the furnishings are allowed in the design. Whimsical colors are used to attain an eclectic feel.


The traditional and vintage charm can be imbibed in the living room design with Shabby Chic Furnishings and the rustic color patterns. Exemplify the culture and tradition with expensive-looking décor like chandeliers, sculptures, etc.,


Adding wallpapers and quirky quotes on the walls; neon color paintings and stripes will achieve the retro look for your home. Colored pots, posters will go a long way to be the retro décor

Design Elements:

A focal point:

An attractive television cabinet or fireplace or a big painting can be the focal point of a living room. The remaining furnishing and décor should follow the pattern and attain the symmetry and balanced look.

Sofa set:

A living room is a place where people sit and talk. A sofa set that goes with the paint color and the ceiling will be a great addition to the look of your house. Based on the layout of your living room, sofa sets can be chosen.


To make the living room unique, we need to personalize the room with characteristic design elements. Family photos in interesting frames, quotes by prominent persons, wall-mounted décor like a bicycle will give the personalized look.

Why Cutting Edge Design Studio:

Living Room should be the center of attraction to any house as it is the first place that anyone would notice about a house. So, the interior design for this space is always crucial and requires the design expertise of the living room designers.  Cutting Edge Design Studio is one of the best apartment interior designers in Hyderabad and you can bank on our experience to deliver what you wanted in exactly the way you wanted. 

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